In order to become an IAME member or renew your IAME membership for 2018 and beyond, feel free to choose whether you would rather fill in the e-form available at the IAME website, or download the membership form in an pdf format and return it to the Secretariat via e-mail at or via fax at +30-22710-35299 (attn. IAME Secretariat).

– Register online (here)
– Download the registration form in active pdf (here)

All renewals by 31st March 2018 will result in:
– Access to all current and past issues of the two associated scholarly journals Maritime Policy and Management (MPM), and Maritime Economics and Logistics (MEL).
– Enjoy free access to members section.
– Register for IAME2018 Conference & IAME regional events at a preferential rate.
– Receive in time all other benefits.


  1. IAME membership includes full on-line access to our two associated journals Maritime Economics and Logistics (MEL) and Maritime Policy and Management (MPM), including all current and past issues in pdf format.
  2. Members as of March 31st will be eligible for an “IAME member” fee when registered for IAME 2018 Conference. All those that wish to attend IAME 2018, yet have not settled their membership fee, will have to pay the full IAME 2018 Conference fees plus IAME membership at the time of their Conference registration.
  3. In line with the unanimous decision of the Council, all members will need to renew by using their credit card, as the bank transfer option is no longer available. In the exceptional case that a bank transfer forms the only mean of payment available, the member renewing its membership will have to pay any additional charges that are applied. For security reasons, the IAME Secretariat will contact you with a separate e-mail asking for the applicable 3-digit / 4-digit security number of your Credit Card.
  4. Those applying for “student” membership need to accompany their application with a letter validating their student status.
  5. Each Corporate member can nominate up to 5 individuals as IAME members; each of them will receive access to the associate journals and all associated benefits with IAME membership.